3.5 is half of 7

Each time I saw the date today I knew that it was significant but could not remember why. I knew why February 7th mattered, but February 9th? Nothing there.

Then Josh arrived home with a bag of what he proclaimed to be “an early Valentine’s present.” And soon I remembered what it is: today marks 3.5 years of marriage. Neither of us remembered. Both of us remembered in our own way.

I am keenly aware that people do not feel the same way on their seventh¬†anniversary that they did on their wedding day. There is the whole “seven year itch” and dreadful divorce rates.

But it has been steadily uphill these 3.5 years, so I figure if it is all downhill for the next 3.5 that will put us exactly where we were on our wedding day. That is certainly miserable compared to today, but for goodness sake! I chose to marry the man!

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