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I read “about” pages on blogs. I suspect that most people do not, but I care about “about” because I like reading others’. I not only read them, I periodically check to see if favorite bloggers have updated theirs!

Would you care to help me re-write mine?

Please share: what do you most like to see in an about page?

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5 thoughts on “About abouts

  1. Kathleen

    When I visit a new blog the “about” page is the first thing I look for. I want to see what she is interested in and whether or not I will be able to relate to her. I also like to know where the person is located and what she does, along with what is important to her.

  2. Kacie

    yep, I’m the same as Kathleen. I am interally taking in information and looking to see if they are around my age-group, if they have travelled much, what theyare passionate about (is it similar to me?), or if they write about something that intrigues me that I want to know more about. Their tone is important too – some people are really funny, others are informative, others are creative/metaphorical/poetic in their writing. All are okay, but it sort of sets the tone. The topic of the blog, if it is anything other than life in general, is very important.

  3. Kait

    I’m with Kacie on the tone. That is actually the biggest thing to me when I go to a new blog. I also think the about me section is very, very important! I’m still revamping my blog to include such things as an about me and a new tone, but if I had waited any longer to make it “go live” I don’t think anyone would have come back! ha. If you’d like someone to ‘proofread’ you have my email :)

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