Blogging Goal Update

I posted a few weeks ago about my goal of getting this blog on Josh’s homepage in Chrome.

Apparently many of my fair readers are not familiar with the way that Chrome’s most visited thumbnails work. Basically, it is what it sounds like: the websites you visit most frequently show up.

Josh reads all of my posts, but there are two problems with getting this blog into Josh’s speed dial:

  • He reads blogs in a reader so he doesn’t need to visit my blog unless he is looking at the comments
  • He must visit my blog more frequently than he does all but seven other sites in order to make it into the top 8.

Thankfully you were all very obliging in commenting, and then a few others stopped by repeatedly to say the sort of thing that would keep Josh clicking back through. So I am pleased to report that is now one of Josh’s top most visited sites! Of course it meant knocking out, but sometimes you have to take one for the team. Especially when the team consists¬†solely¬†of one’s multiple personalities.

And then I have a confession to make: Josh also has multiple blogs (it must run in the family) and none of them has ever come anywhere close to making my Chrome homepage.

As I reflect on all of this I am not sure whether to feel victorious, or just a little bit guilty.

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