Delicious Snacks & an Agreeable Husband


This past week I have been preparing snack plates for my husband since he is working from his home office and I am not working from the home kitchen. I have tried to come up with variety, but all have been raw food, and had some sort of sprouts included. After rinsing my sprout jars each morning I put some of the fresh sprouts on a plate along with whatever else happens to be around the kitchen.

Pictured above is lentil sprouts and dehydrated kale chips. As in lentils soaked and sprouted for a few days and kale tossed with lemon juice, salt, and a little oil and dried out. And my husband cheerfully ate it. Moreover, he claimed the kale chips to be so delicious that I simply must share them with the world.

Would you like to know my trick for getting my husband to eat such healthful food?

Slave away to make amazingly delicious concoctions.

Marry an agreeable man.

My husband is not a vegetarian, much less a raw vegan, but he is willing to be as appreciative of the wonder of  dehydrated kale as that of a juicy steak. Sometimes I think that his positive response to my (non)cooking is a sly effort to make sure that I am happy to do most of the food preparation. Whatever his reason, I am blessed to cook toss sprouts on the plate for such an appreciative eater.

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4 thoughts on “Delicious Snacks & an Agreeable Husband

  1. Kacie

    You are a lucky woman! Actually my husband generally eats what I put in front of him, unless it is peas. He just would much prefer that it were unhealthy. ;)

    Thanks for your comment – however please don’t feel that I don’t need your comments – I love to hear the perspective of others. If it’s entirely an internal journey then it really isn’t wise, you know? I really am helped by the dialogue that goes on on my blog!

    1. Rae Post author

      I’m actually working on an draft email to you. I don’t really have anything to add to the “debate” part of the discussion, but I am so intrigued that I would like to share some thoughts.

      That said, I read your comment right after posting my most recent post and want to make sure that you don’t think that it is directed at you in particular. My husband and I have been talking about evangelization and why he feels more strongly about it than I do and your post reminded me of my previous thoughts.

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