What I Buy When No One Is Watching

Today I had a rather expensive trip to Aldi. As I walked to the car I thought about the difference between this (buying whatever I wanted) and having limited funds for groceries. If I had been on a strict budget I would have bought the oats and the salt, and perhaps one head of broccoli if it were not really the strictest of budgets.

As it is, I buy groceries for 4 or sometimes 5 adults these days and the combination of diet needs/restrictions is positively, well, restrictive. I always shape my purchases based on sale prices, but budgeting for groceries has gone completely out the store window for numerous reasons, including the fact that attempting to meet everyone’s needs and my goals was a significant source of stress and Josh just about offered to pay me to spend more.

Anyway, I realized that in the past I have only documented (mostly in draft posts, ha) purchases that I made when I knew ahead of time that I would be attempting to meet certain goals and tracking them. So this is what I buy when no one is watching:

I could not easily fit it into a picture, so it looks like there is less food than there really is because the vegetables are stacked. There are really five packages of broccoli there.

At the beginning of the month I bought a lot of brown rice and legumes, and last week fruit was on sale, so this is really fun food that adds variety and hopefully a few nutrients.


I suppose that I should actually write out thoughts on each purchase, because I am sure that in a few years I will be utterly confused (why was I buying that unethical thing, and what is up with low fat cottage cheese?!). I might just do that one day, someday when I am not so tired and it does not seem so terribly obvious to me why I am inconsistent in various areas.

Anyway, I do not recommend any of these purchases, unless you have to get food for 4 or 5 very different people, in which case it is worth a shot!

In the meantime, just remember: carrots, baby. And I would be remiss if I did not point out that there were still some regular large carrots in the refrigerator for the member of the house who does not appreciate chlorine. But I told myself that I could just post a picture without bothering to explain the issues behind every single item (and there really is something with each item) so we’ll leave it at that. Carrots, baby!

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5 thoughts on “What I Buy When No One Is Watching

  1. Christine

    I am always so impressed with how cheap groceries are in the States! Where I live, that could cost at least double what you paid for.

    I’m pretty bad at budgeting for groceries as well. Especially when I go to the health food store. haha.

  2. alison

    Organic butter for 2.79! Good buy!! I think I paid $4 the other week…ugh. and carrots baby! Hilarious. You are such a self aware shopper and a good reminder for myself!

  3. Nayhee

    Recently, I went to a baby shower and there was no sugar set out to go with the coffee. When I inquired about it to the hostess she replied, “my husband and I don’t let the kids eat junk food so we don’t keep it around the house. Here’s some honey.”

    I bring this up because I notice that you purchased some brown sugar.

    For shame.

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