I am thankful 11/2/2014

For swimming. I made it to the pool yesterday for the first time in almost three months. It was so very wonderful to be able to exercise without fear of hurting myself. The timing was perfect because it revealed yet another, um, issue that I need to talk to a doctor about and I have an appointment on Tuesday.

For snark. I read an advice post where the author was rather hesitant to reassure the questioner that yes, of course it is fine to breastfeed in church. I compiled a snarky alternative answer post in my head, and while I’ll probably never actually type it, it helped immensely to have Josh laugh at the gist: it violates Catholic sexual ethics to have sex with a man who will complain about you feeding your baby in church. I know that others hate snark, but it frequently makes me happier than directly confronting pernicious stupidity.


For plants. Particularly ones that I am not responsible for keeping alive.

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