I am thankful

For internet at home! Our internet has been, well, significantly less than advertised since we moved in. But a few weeks ago it stopped completely. After I spent 4ish hours on the phone trying to get help, Josh told me he really was fine with me cancelling service. Magically enough, they were suddenly able to get a tech out here to provide us with more consistent slow internet. But slow and inconsistent is so much better than none at all!

For Rebecca. Also a few weeks ago (hmmm, noticing a suspicious trend here!) I got to meet Rebecca of The Road Home. Now that I have met her I can say that she is one of the nicest people I have ever met (as opposed to something like “um, I think she might be one of the nicest people out there?”).

For Catholic hospitals. Before my surgery on Thursday this lovely sister (nun) came by and prayed for me… and gave me a foot massage! She was perfectly pastoral and found out about my religious preferences and whether I would like her to pray prior to doing so. It was a privilege to be in a context of such good Catholic healthcare.

For Josh and the comfort of marriage. There is something to be said for “growing up” with one’s spouse, even if it isn’t typically worth the high divorce rate etc. Josh says that he hasn’t actually matured in the past four years, he just acts more mature. Alas, I am not yet mature enough to care whether we’ve actually grown up, or are only acting more mature.

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13 thoughts on “I am thankful

  1. Rebecca @ TRH

    I’ve been wondering about you…

    Aw, thanks so much :)! I have been a horrible blogger and friend and have yet to post about our meet up…or even send you the picture. It is still on the memory card that is in my camera, that is across the room every. single. time. I sit down to the computer. (Must get a more convenient set up to download pictures more timely). It will happen this week – (hopefully? ack!)

    What? You had foot surgery? What an awesome experience! I’d be happy if I didn’t have to explain what the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston is every single time I tell someone about my new job.

    And maturity is over rated ;).

    1. Rae Post author

      Oh no, don’t get started on being a bad blogger or friend! Considering the fact that I am at least 5x worse than whatever you are…!

      And it was actually laparoscopic surgery to remove more endo, but the sister just gave everyone a foot massage after she prayed for them. And while that is not typically my thing, I thought it was incredibly sweet of her so I wasn’t about to say no!

      So maybe your real job is explaining what your diocese is? ;-)

  2. Michelle

    I’ve met Rebecca, too. I agree…she is one of the nicest people I have ever met, too! Hope recovery is well underway after surgery. And glad to see you posting again…I’ve been wondering about you, too!

  3. alison

    sorry to hear about surgery. in general, that doesn’t mean good things but i hope everything is going better these days. as far as places to get surgery, glad you got it at a place you were supported with prayer.

    and yes, rebecca is a gem, huh? i’m glad she came into my life as well. pretty cool you guys got to meet up!

    1. Rae Post author

      Rebecca is great! And I am quite conflicted about surgery. It seems like such a bad thing for so many women, but so far appears to have been the right choice for me. Maybe I’ll get around to posting about that eventually!

  4. Rebecca @ TRH

    I love you all too! :) I was totally embarrassed that there were so many comments about me on this post yesterday – but today I’m so grateful. Knowing that I have such good friends in this bloggy world means so much to me. Now I just need to find a way to convince you ALL that Morgantown is a fabulous place to live (even if we have nothing even close to a NaPro doctor here).

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