How has NFP worked for you? -Part II

How NFP has worked for me
Continued from Part I

Michelle’s Answer

First of all. NFP WORKED for us every time we have WORKED NFP. We are a couple that has a 100% success rate with NFP in achieving and avoiding. That’s not to say that with each child we always decided at the beginning of the cycle to avoid and ended up not pregnant. You see, here has been our experience with NFP. We avoided for almost a complete year after learning NFP. We needed that time as we had a baby already and hadn’t discerned together that the time had come for another one. However, 11 months after stopping “the Pill” we both discerned that the time was right and we achieved pregnancy with our second daughter. We successfully avoided after her for almost two years. And then, we had a cycle where we checked the “avoid” box as our plan…but in the middle of the cycle, let’s just say…those hormones and pheromones were rocking and we just said, “What the heck? We can handle three!” And so, we achieved pregnancy with our third. We successfully avoided after our third daughter was born for another 2+ years. Then we discerned it was time to be open to another blessing, should it be God’s will…and our son joined our family 2 years and 11 months after our third daughter.

I think the biggest way NFP has worked for my husband and me is to change our worldview on family. Before NFP, we viewed our marriage as an entity separate from the children. Children were something we would have if and when we wanted them. After accepting NFP into our lives, children became the ultimate fulfillment of our marriage vows; a complete acceptance of ALL of each other to produce, in cooperation with God, the perfect miracles of life.

You can read more of Michelle’s experience with NFP at her blog Musings of a Catholic Lady.

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