How has NFP worked for you? -Part V

Elizabeth’s Answer

NFP has worked perfectly for us. I’m one of those women with textbook cycles (even the old rhythm method probably would’ve worked for us!). Even when I went off the pill, my body was easily able to get back into its natural cycles, and despite our uncertainties, we were easily able to avoid conceiving. (This is not to say it wasn’t hard in other ways.) We were also able to conceive easily. Really, the only part that wasn’t easy was discerning as a couple when we should try to postpone pregnancy and when we should try to achieve it! Oh, and I guess the abstinence part :) But once you’re used to it, the first part of the week is fairly easy, though of course by the end you’re really ready!

You can read more of Elizabeth’s experience with NFP at her blog That Married Couple.

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