I think it would be remarkably refreshing to encounter the sort of homeschooling parent who can confidently say “all forms of education have their drawbacks, and blah blah blah is what I am doing in order to counteract the disadvantages that I have caused my child by choosing homeschooling.”

Okay, so maybe I’d like to hear something more coherent than “blah blah blah” ;-) but it is incredibly disheartening that parents are willing to homeschool their children without ever seeking to understand the possible long term drawbacks.

If I were feeling more snarky and less sad about the unnecessary harm perpetuated by those who otherwise pour so much into their children, I would hint that public school is the place for the children of people so intellectually lazy that they refuse to consider the obvious ramifications of dramatically “alternative” parenting choices.

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2 thoughts on “Someday

  1. Lisa

    I am a (former) veteran homeschool parent of 18 years. I just completed my last year of homeschooling. My remaining 5 children will be in school in the fall. I have found drawbacks to homeschooling the hard way, but I also notice that homeschoolers do not want to talk about them much because that would be to admit weakness in the movement and possibly personal defeat. But it needs to be talked about. So many people go into homeschooling a bit blind, thinking it will create wonderful family harmony and shield kids from the reality of the world. What we often forget is they have free will just like the public school kids. On my blog, I discuss some of the drawbacks and others have joined in. My blog focuses on burnt out veteran homeschool moms, homeschool moms considering school, and former homeschool moms.

  2. waywardson23

    Thank you for writing this. My wife was homeschooled and, while her experience was better than many, there were significant and real disadvantages to it. Perhaps the advantages may outweigh the disadvantages for some families, but this does not mean the disadvantages do not exist.

    I am perplexed at how many American Catholics seem to think that the Catholic Church prefers homeschooling or sees this as the norm for Catholic parents. Pope Francis sees schooling as an important part of a child’s development.* Granted, the United States is unusual in that the Catholic schools do not receive government money and often charge tuition, but until very recently it was unquestioned that devout Catholics were to use and support their parish schools.

    *Bonus points for Pope Francis “quoting” Hillary Clinton. I’m sure some heads exploded over that one. :-D

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