I am thankful 7/25/2010

For air conditioning. This was already on my list for this week, and then yesterday it stopped working. When we got back home around 10pm it was in the mid-90s, and according to weather.com the overnight low was 81°F. So now I am even more thankful for air conditioning as I anticipate its “soon return.”

For renting. It is quite nice to be able to call someone else to fix things such as broken air conditioners and not have to think about the cost!

For ice cream. This morning I had a frozen fudge bar for breakfast. I comforted myself that it probably was not any worse for me than the sugary cereal that many people eat. And then I told Josh that I was going to have to eat all 20 today in order to get 60 grams of protein and 1800 calories. Not a bad diet for a hot day, right?

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3 thoughts on “I am thankful 7/25/2010

  1. Maggie

    As much as I would love to own my very own house, it IS nice to be a renter when stuff breaks down! (Or when you STILL have an infestation of cockroaches and need an exterminator!)

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