I am thankful 8/29/2010

For myself. This morning I was thinking about whether I could honestly say that I am thankful for myself. It seemed rather silly, for I simply must be thankful for myself and my existence, even if I do not spend much time thinking about it. The gift of life may not be the most important gift, but it is the most essential. I cannot be grateful for anything unless I am.

For my mother. My mother is an impressive woman. So impressive, in fact, that she gave me a very skewed view of reality. I was born a week late but it was an “easy” labor and a nice healthy big baby. I knew that my mother was unusual in her confidence giving birth at home, but it was only in the past few years that I learned that normal women were terrified of the idea of babies weighing 10+lbs.

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6 thoughts on “I am thankful 8/29/2010

  1. Christine

    So true about oneself.

    My husband was a huge baby – over 12 lbs. His eldest brother was around 8 lbs and his middle brother was around 10 lbs, so after my husband was born, she said “no more!” I guess it could be partially explained by how my MIL found out that she was diabetic shortly after my husband was born.

  2. Katie

    What a pleasant appreciation and example of Christian self-love. As one of my favorite Natalie Grant songs express, “You can’t love if you don’t love yourself.” Your articulation is beautiful!

    The gift of life itself is wonderful, and a mother’s sacrifice is, too.

    And I’m wondering if there is a birthday around the corner…yes? If so, be sure to thank your mom for giving us such a wonderful heart here in the blogosphere. ;-)

    1. Rae Post author

      It was my birthday, and I did thank my mom for her gift. :-) When I called her she also told me that I didn’t *look* like a big baby. Ha!

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