I am thankful 9/19/2010

For work. Even on the hardest of days when I most wish that I could just stay home, I am happier working than I am staying home. Sorry, blog, but you’re just not as satisfying as actual employment.

For a blender. The wonder of a blender is that suddenly kale, flax, etc. become┬ádelicious┬ádrinkable treats. And, of course, having my vitamin powder/flax smoothies means I don’t have to deal with cramps. And who could forget the wonders of homemade hummus? I dream of someday having a Blendtec, but for now the KitchenAid is quite delightful and more than satisfactory. ::goes off to kiss blender::

For flax. Flax seeds aren’t just a great source of Omega-3s. They are also a perfect egg substitute. And, the thing is, it is easy to always have flax on hand. So even though my ethical qualms about inexpensive eggs aren’t enough to keep me from buying them for Josh, I still end up using flax for baking because it is easy and┬ánutritious.

For perfect late summer days. Late September in DC is like late August in New England: simply glorious!

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5 thoughts on “I am thankful 9/19/2010

  1. Rebecca

    I’m so with you on work and late summer days!

    I too am much happier working than I am staying home.

    And I’ve loved this late summer weekend – I’m praying it continues for at least a few more days.

  2. Sarah

    I had no idea about flax as an egg substitute until today when I went to make some yummy oatmeal bars and realized the new eggs had not arrived yet. I found the flax trick online, and I was skeptical, but it worked so well! Who knew? :0

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