I am thankful 11/7/2010

For drugs. Of the decongestant painkilling sort. I suffered from many significant headaches as a child and possibly worse sinus infections as a teen. And I never took any of that evil medicine stuff that they sell at the store. And then a year or so ago Josh saw that I was in pain and decided to do something that normal people do and get me a normal solution in the form of a little pill. OMAHGOODNESS! Did you know those things can work? They are not a perfect cure, but they can make life bearable. Who knew?!

Of course I promptly forgot the most amazing discovery. So it took me almost a week of being sick with something (Sore throat? Check. Stomachache? Check. Back pain? Check. Pregnant? Um, what does a sore throat have to do with being pregnant?! No!) plus a sinus infection before I remembered (with a little help from Josh) the presence of evil drugs in our cupboard. And between pills and the neti pot I can actually function. Not to mention sleep at night. Thanks be to God!

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3 thoughts on “I am thankful 11/7/2010

  1. CM

    I’ve always been a little afraid of the neti pot… but that’s because my only exposure to it has been strange internet videos. I’m with you, though, because I forget how well some of those kinds of drugs work. I never thought there was anything wrong with them, I just always forget to take them for some reason. When I do take them, I’m a little in awe of their amazingness.

  2. Elisa

    Haha, my parents didn’t believe in regular medicine (even though my mom was an RN and my dad an EMT…they always made us suffer)…BUT, now that I have kids, and have had to make big decisions like: “Let baby keep me up all night due to sickness, or give baby pain killer so I can sleep”…I’m all about the baby motrin or whatever it is. Antibiotics – not so much. Over the counter regular stuff that doesn’t mess up baby’s body…bring it!

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