I am thankful 12/5/2010

For advent wreaths. Simply beautiful.

For kind fights (and fighters). Responses on Twitter made it clear that many people find it shameful to admit fighting with those closest to them. And I am beginning to realize that part of the reason for this is that fights for many are filled with not only pettiness but downright cruelty. I have truly been blessed with people in my life who fight kindly.

For vespers. In the past week I have been to beautiful formal vespers at the National Shrine, serene monastic vespers with Benedictine monks, and contemporary youth vespers with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. Some were more “my style” than others, but all were not only vespers (which I always love) but also in community which is (just about) always better.

For Anne Rice. I was so very happy to see her at the first vespers of Advent. I do not want comments on her here, other than my own thankfulness that she can still love God beautifully, despite her disagreements with the Church.

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3 thoughts on “I am thankful 12/5/2010

  1. Young Mom

    I’ve found the same thing, that admitting that you fight with your husband is supposed to be shameful. But I have never felt that way myself. My husband and I grow so much through our disagreements, and like you said, we keep it clean. It’s one of the rules of engagement, no bringing up the past, name calling, or personal attacks.

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