I am thankful 1/13/13

For emotions. Right now I cannot figure out if something is really right or really wrong because it looks like I am responding well to difficult circumstances, but I’ll take what I can get. These days I remember that it is a gift to feel anything, much less contentment. Don’t get me wrong, on days of real pain I would gladly trade it for numbness, but confused emotions are not the same as real pain.

For local races. I have not been able to really run since September (totally my fault, I know, I know!). But Josh and my sister have still been racing, and it is really fabulous to see a community pursuing fitness in such, uh, communal ways.

For my sister. I’m allowed to say this for about the 100th time because I have about 100 sisters. Anyway, this sister is fabulous for many reasons, among them her sense of humor. She has the best explanations for just about everything. For instance, on the topic of lifting weights: “the more muscle you have the more calories you burn sitting, and I love to sit!”

For Lara Fabian’s music. I don’t know anyone else who is a fan, so I’m nominating Lara Fabian for “most under-appreciated artist” of, well, my life I guess. Yet another sister gave me one of her CDs when I was 15, and I listened to it incessantly. No one else seems to think that it is good music, but I still know that it is. So I guess I should be thankful that it was created just for me?

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One thought on “I am thankful 1/13/13

  1. Rebecca

    Yes, emotions are a good thing. Though I wish the difficult circumstances weren’t necessary!

    Your sister is a smart girl! (Now, to find a way to fit in lifting weights, because I too like to sit :).)

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