I am thankful 8/18/2013

For music. As a rule there has been very little music in my life. Three and a half years ago I posted about not singing enough, and the well-intentioned reassuring comments made me realize that it was worse than I thought. The fact that others couldn’t comprehend how completely absent music was from my life made it clear that I was not living well in this way. That has largely remained true, though it is 10,000 times better now thanks to living in an area where I am blessed routinely with wonderful music at church.

Recently I have taken to playing songs on youtube through our TV since that has better speakers than the computer and we have nothing specifically designed to play music. Unsurprisingly but still unexpectedly, this has increased my happiness tremendously. I have finally given myself permission to be completely naive with music not only because it is best to live with the truth, but also because maybe, just maybe, humans are meant to enjoy many types of music, and being a music snob is inherently unhelpful for most of us. Yeah, yeah, ask me about Country Music later. I didn’t say that I like everything, just that I’m trying to get over any pretense of being a connoisseur of fine music or some such thing.

Eden’s Bridge – Sanctus
This is an old favorite from my teens when I had two of their CDs.

str8voices – Far over the misty mountains cold – Hobbit Soundtrack

This is the first I’ve heard from this group and wow.

Anastasia- At The Beginning
Another favorite from my early teens. I had it on tape. Yup. I always thought that if I were to get married it would be fantastic to marry someone with whom I’d be happy to go through life endlessly. And no, I hadn’t seen the movie. Instead I’d read a huge biography of the Romanovs that included a few pictures like this. But still, loved the song.

J.S. Bach – Complete sonatas for violon & obbligato harpsichord Rachel Podger Trevor Pinnock

I’ve been listening to hours worth of sonatas since I discovered that putting in that one little word could lead to hours worth of lovely music per selection. I found out last week that Josh hates the harpsichord (what?!!) so I’ve been listening to this while he is traveling for his brother’s wedding. Not sure that the harpsichord or Bach balances out missing significant family events, but I’ll take what I can get!

The Hobbit – Concerning Hobbits(Dubstep)
Josh says that this is the best dubstep ever, though he isn’t entirely pleased with the mutilation of one of his favorite songs.

Celine Dion – The first time ever I saw your face
I’ve long loved about 90% of Celine’s music and will continue to insist that if you can’t appreciate her at all that, well, your life could be better. Interestingly enough this is one of the few songs that I didn’t appreciate from her All the Way CD that I borrowed from my sister from maybe 200-2004. But recently rediscovering it I wonder how I could have missed it before. Age or something?

Avalon – I Don’t Want To Go (legendado)
Another long-lost favorite form my teens. I happened to sit down on the couch while this version was playing and thought the images chosen were ridiculous. Then I kept watching and laughed at myself for watching the entire thing.

P!nk – Just Give Me A Reason ft. Nate Ruess
This one deserves its own post. The first time I heard it on the radio I had a rare response of finding it to be perfect. I confess that until someone pointed it out I didn’t pay enough attention to the odd video to even notice that her husband is in it.

Any suggestions for what I should listen to next?

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2 thoughts on “I am thankful 8/18/2013

  1. Mary

    I loved that song from Anastasia too! Though i did see the movie several times. It was one of my favourites. And i also thought it would make a great wedding song, but then our church banned disney songs long before i got married.

  2. Michelle @ Endless Strength

    Oh my goodness…the song from Pink was my song all summer long. The words about being “broken, not bent” and “we can learn to love again” always brought tears to my eyes. My kids would automatically shut up in the car when this song came on because they knew how much I love it

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