Libya: Apparently I need a television in order to know what to think, because the stories online are all over the place. Some compare Obama’s words to those Bush used 8 years earlier. Others present Sarkozy as a glory-seeking Roman emperor, complete with words like gravitas. Some wonder why the US did not care more. Others wonder why we do not just wait it out.

Supermoon: So the super perigee moon was last night, though I’m quite confident that I won’t be able to tell the difference tonight. I was a little sad to not have a Catholic online world full of fertility jokes, but one (non-Catholic, I think) woman did say something about “abstaining” about talking about her ovaries.

Shoulders: I chose the picture for shoulders post based on the fact that the dress had slipped by that point and it shows the most skin of any of the pictures. But looking at it a few days later I laughed, because for anyone who has been formed at all by Catholic liturgical art, the picture screams MODESTY! I am looking down (seemingly) demurely and holding white lilies.

Nightmares: The other night I had a nightmare which involved being with my mother by the kitchen sink. She told me that the 2% cows milk that I had bought had spoiled. I doubted since I had only bought it last week, but sure enough it was rotten. I was upset that I had been so stupid. I had bought the cows milk for Josh rather than soy milk because it was cheaper, and it turned out that I had wasted money since it does not last as long.

When I woke up in the morning and Josh I told him to use lots of milk on his granola because it might spoil soon. Then I told him about my dream and he thought it absolutely funny, and told me that I had to post about it. Apparently it isn’t normal to get really stressed over rotten milk rather than spilt milk?

Food challenge: The reason that I bought the cows milk was our food challenge. The goal is to spend no more than $50 for the two of us for six weeks. That sounds close to impossible (though I know it’s not because last year I made $25 stretch for 3 people for each month for a while) but is much more reasonable when one considers that food already in the house does not count towards the cost.

It has only been a little over a week (and it looks like we’re not going to make it since I didn’t cheat by buying extra ahead of time), but it is already clear that at this stage in our lives, less is more. The fridge has much less in it, and that apparently makes it easier for Josh to see that it does indeed contain leftovers that are easy for him to reheat. Since finding food to eat is easier for him, we’re saving money simply because he does not feel the need to buy more and let leftovers go to waste. A fridge full of vegetables makes me feel happy and safe, but apparently it just screams TOOMUCHWORKTOFIGUREOUTWHATSINHERE to Josh.

This has also meant that I’ve returned to making bread several times a week, though not quite daily. Did you know that you can put almost any leftovers into bread? It probably helps that our leftovers are beans and grains, but it mostly adds variety to the bread and Josh is quite happy.

So the score so far is a happy Josh, and a stressed Rae who is ready to cave in at a moment’s notice, even though the challenge was her, er, my idea.

Hormones: Yesterday evening Josh took away my progesterone cream. I had been experimenting with using it in various ways and agonizing over whether the benefits were worth the side-effects (like lower back pain, morning-sickness like symptoms, and otherwise early pregnancy type angst). Even though I had asked for his thoughts multiple times, I was surprised when Josh finally decided that my hormonal psychosis had lasted long enough and put the cream away in a closet. Apparently it is back to the drawing-board and I’ll have to find a way to up my chances of breast cancer through something actually recommended by my doctor.

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8 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Craig

    Non theological thoughts – I don’t know how to respond. :)

    If I tell you my opinions will you still be my friend??

    I’ll assume the answer is yes and shoot from the hip.

    Libya – He killed Americans, he’s crazy, he kills his own people – we should have convinced the world to act sooner. But then who really are the rebels – George Washingtons – or radicals dying to get there hands on money and power?

    Supermoon – cool but it was raining.

    The shoulders? You’re plenty modest – perfectly so I think – the denure look – a bonus:)

    Nightmare – dunno.

    Food – cows need work – fresh baked is awesome

    The cream – yay Josh

    Your words – they are so good to read – I heart your words.

    May God Bless and Keep you and all of yours this day Rae

  2. OurLittleAshley

    Oh my gosh, as I was reading about the food and Josh, my head about fell off I was nodding so much. ME TOO.

    Except Mike will eat PB & J or cereal instead of figuring out how to make food in the fridge.

    (I love and adore him, of course. But, ha! That’s just too funny that you’re in the same boat.)

  3. Mark S.

    I love all of Craig’s answers so I will just echo that I pray God blesses you, Rae, and keeps you and all whom you love in the palm of His hand.

  4. Christine

    I hate nightmares like that. They’re almost more stressful than the really bizarre ones!

    I am really impressed with you doing that food challenge! We spend at around twice that amount on groceries each week – how embarrassing! haha. I know that I couldn’t do it as I feel so gross if I don’t eat large quantities of produce and not gluten free.

  5. tarynkay

    If your milk DOES go bad, do not throw it out– you can use it in your bread! Spoiled milk is great in baked goods- yeast breads or quick breads alike.

  6. Jackie

    I should cut down on our grocery spending, but its so nice to be able to spend money on food as opposed to the $50 a week for 4 people in JVC that I’m really enjoying buying fresh vegetables.

  7. Young Mom

    Ugh! Most of my nightmares involve my parents in some way, not fun.

    On food? Wow, I can’t picture being able to feed 2 for a month on $50. The cost of living is %150 up here, and we recently had to up our food budget since the prices have gone up again. Plus I think that all our little mouths are starting to add up, we used to go through like 2 gallons of milk a month, now it’s closer to 2 a week!

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