Which One Does Not Belong?

Two years ago I started taking pictures of all the food I was buying for the month of July in order to blog about it.

Yeah, that never happened. But looking back at the pictures is so very funny (fruit + vegetables + chocolate chips = everything?) that I think I might try it again. So I am going to combine it with my Advent grocery challenge and post about all food items that I purchase from November 27th through December 24th.

I would be incredibly thrilled if anyone else is interested in doing the same. If nothing else, pictures of food will be better than just fertility related posts, right? Right!

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8 thoughts on “Which One Does Not Belong?

  1. Salome Ellen

    I can’t do it because of camera issues, but I’ll love seeing it. Are you familiar with the book Hungry Planet, where families around the world are pictured with their food for a month? Fascinating and sobering.

  2. Adrienne

    What is the Advent grocery challenge? Is it related to Operation Rice Bowl?

    The incredibly nosy part of me likes the idea of getting a glimpse into someone else’s fridge. Rachel Ray magazine has a celebrity’s fridge on display on the last page of every issue and I’m always fascinated to see if his or her diet is consistent with what I would expect. Other people’s groceries are always more interesting than mine! LOL.

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