2013 Goals Turned Resolutions

There have been times when I struggled with goals because I did not have the resources to implement change. This year I struggle with resolutions because I have a very fuzzy brain which has lost grasp of the concept of time.

I cannot seem to understand what a year means. 2013 promises the most stability since I left my parents’ home in 2003, but I don’t trust the promises of strangers, and I don’t know 2013 at all.

So it is difficult to set goals when I can’t even grasp the concept of what the goals will fit into.

I started my list with the usual sorts of things about walking/running 1,000 miles, but I realize that I have time, 12 months in fact, to work on the precise lists I so love.

I turned to Twitter yesterday for suggestions and moaned every time someone offered me a general resolution rather than a specific goal. But then something happened today. I realized once again how very wrong it is for me to do anything other than run after joy, embrace grace, and cling to thankfulness until it dies in my arms. And I hear that thankfulness can be mighty tough when you get close to it, so this could be a lifelong task.

I have so much to be grateful for that it is a sin against my very self to pretend that there is time for me to be anything less than utterly in awe of the terrifying beauty that is life.

I don’t always have a choice. Some days I feel miserable regardless of what I want to think, regardless of what I decide to focus on. Some days there is nothing that I can do other than to wait for tomorrow.

But some days are not every day. As our good friend Edmond Dantes said: all human wisdom is summed up in the two words “wait” and “hope.” So on the worst days I will wait, and on the best days I will hope and give thanks.

Here’s to 2013!

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7 thoughts on “2013 Goals Turned Resolutions

  1. Deacon Tom

    A favorite homily was about the disciples in the Upper Room who had locked the door because the one thing they had lost was hope. Hope restored… hope on fire unlocks enthusiasm … excited, life changing forks on every road taken. I’ll be a silent witness to hope growing in your 2013.

  2. Catholic Mutt

    “Run after joy, embrace grace, and cling to thankfulness.” I love it. Interesting thoughts about waiting and hope, both are tough things. I think your plan is a good one though, wait on the bad days and hope on the good days.

  3. waywardson

    “I realized once again how very wrong it is for me to do anything other than run after joy, embrace grace, and cling to thankfulness until it dies in my arms.”

    Wow. Fantastic.

  4. Joy

    Lovely post! Wonderful plans for the new year ~ may I also remember to wait on the bad days and give thanks on the good and remember to always hope.

  5. Kim

    Wow- girl. What a post you have here. I was just thinking the other day that I have been less grateful since I feel better. Gratefulness was something that I got very good at throughout the years of fatigue and brain fog. It changed me, it made me conform more perfectly to His will. Pain will do that to you. If you let it. Again, you have proven that you have the most beautiful interior attitude toward God and your situation. Thank you for reminding me to remember, to reflect and give thanks to the Lord our God.

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