7 Quick Takes

I do not tend to jump to join in anything that involves auto-linkies, and I am much more of a rambler than a quick-take person. But… it might be fun to use Fridays as a way to round up some of the things I have enjoyed online recently. So I am going to try Conversion Diary’s 7 Quick Takes Friday posts.

1. Amnesty International: In the U.S., Too Many Women Dying While Having Babies
“In the U.S., we spend more than any country on health care, yet American women are at greater risk of dying from pregnancy-related causes than in 40 other countries”

2. Nun Sings Religious Drinking Song
A Daughter of Saint Paul makes me want to go drinking. And that takes a lot!

3. Shake, rattle and roll (my life with epilepsy) Genavee explains what it is like to live with epilepsy:
“I tried to scream or yell or do something, but I couldn’t control my mouth enough to get sound out.¬† The fear of being so alone and helpless was overbearing. I couldn’t do anything, not even wipe away the pain tears staining my cheeks. I could almost see the pain coming of me in red hot waves as my muscles tensed and flailed so hard I thought they would break.”

4. Cute new babies. Two bloggers I follow gave birth to cute babies.
When asked to confirm their cuteness Josh said that one of them looked like Yoda, but that was cute. Thankfully I saw a not-so-cute baby in church the other day so I was reassured that these babies are actually cute, it is not that I have lost my ability to tell when a baby really is ugly. Right?

5. In Which I Explain Why I am Pro-Life
“I could not understand why such otherwise intelligent, well-spoken, reasonable people could hold such ‘draconian’ views on ‘choice’. I was happy to accept ‘enlightened’ positions on capital punishment, just wage, and other issues I was learning about in classes, but wanted no part of knowing the portion of CST pertaining to life issues.”

6. Exceptional Women: Nurse in Haiti (scroll down to 2/21/2010)
Homeschooling is not the best preparation for a stable adult life, but can be one of the best preparations for serving others in challenging situations.

7. Intimidation vs. freedom in religion
“Why did the Church not crack down on dissent within its ranks? His response was to point to the mystery of freedom in the Christian vision.”

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