Advent Grocery Challenge

This year one of the ways that I am preparing to welcome the Christ Child at Christmas is by becoming more conscious of my consumption in the form of groceries.

The challenge is to:

  1. Set a food budget
  2. Seek to under-spend the budget as much as possible
    1. To share in the experience of those whose limited resources require them to always be mindful of the cost of their food
    2. To give the excess from this area of my life to someone who actually needs it
  3. Pray each day for the one to whom I have decided to give that which is left unspent at the end of Advent

My plan is to post the amount of every grocery item I buy along with a picture. I can go grocery shopping as often as is convenient during the week, but at the least, each Sunday I will post about every item purchased.

I decided to blog about this because I find it easier to stay on track when I am recording things precisely, and I hope that I can benefit from anyone who happens to read and comment.

This is certainly an attempt at improvement, not a pretense of perfection. So if you see something especially atrocious that I have bought I would love it if you commented with an explanation for why you would not make that same choice. And if you are doing something similar please leave a link so that anyone interested can read about your experience as well!

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8 thoughts on “Advent Grocery Challenge

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  2. Kelly @ Startup Wife

    Loooooooove this. Can’t wait to see what you do. I just took pictures of my food purchases for today so I can join in the game :) I don’t know why I SO deeply love seeing what foods people buy/make, but I do.

    And I love the idea of trying to underspend in order to give the excess where it’s needed.

  3. Patricia Perkowski

    You are an inspiration Rae my friend! I will answer your challenge by telling you of my hubby and my challenge: We are embarking on an Advent prayerful marriage! Spending each day being mindful of each other, those we love and those God calls into our life – no matter how brief or how long. We will each individually be prayerfully looking at how we have not loved and how we have loved – from the spiritual exercises of Saint Iggy – and as a couple, we will be working to strengthen our marital gifts!

    I am blogging this adventure as we go, will let you know how it turns out!

  4. Jackie

    We definitely struggle with our food budget. We had $14/per person/per week in JVC and now we spend…3x times that probably. You’d think I would know how to shop cheaply but I just suck at it.

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  6. alison

    I know you were busy, but I would still love to see this sometime even though Advent has long passed. Maybe for Lent! And maybe I could get some healthy tips. Our food budget has skyrocketed.

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