Baby Litter

Our apartment complex is reasonably clean. People let their dogs go where they should not, but things generally get picked up fairly quickly.

On Tuesday morning I  looked out the sliding door to see that a piece of litter had fallen by the edge of the patio.

After smirking at the obvious message I walked down the street to see if the other litter I had noticed the day before was still there.

It was.

Clearly I am currently failing to suffer from a high enough baby fever and so the litter universe is conspiring to remind me of what I am missing.

I told my husband that when I had seen pregnancy tests by the side of the road before I had assumed that it was the same test that had simply blown away in a storm and then been blown back a few weeks later. But this one was Answer rather than First Response, so clearly it could not be the same test. Either there is a very odd person around, or tossing pregnancy tests out the car window is normal around here.

His response? “I think it is really funny that you know the difference between the brands of pregnancy tests.”

I informed him that the previous test(s) were a different color, not to mention the fact that the wrapper was labeled, and had different words than the one(s) I had seen last month. Perhaps it is odd that I stop to examine litter when it looks like a pregnancy test (or wrapper, or box) but at least I am not the one tossing pregnancy tests by the side of the road!

Is fascination with litter a sign of impending insanity?

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7 thoughts on “Baby Litter

  1. Trena

    I told my husband I was pregnant with Sweet Pea, on the day I picked “pray for pregnant woman” off the Advent chain, on the same day that the Gospel was about John leaping in Elizabeth when he heard Mary’s voice. Clearly, God was talking to me. He talks to us in the strangest ways sometimes. Maybe He is talking to you through litter. :)

    1. Rae Post author

      If God is talking to me through litter then it must be to remind me that there are people out there who really need help. :-)

      I don’t remember whether I commented, but I loved your whole story about finding out that you were pregnant and telling your husband.

  2. Tiphaine

    ah maybe there is an other woman in your neighborhood with baby fever, and she hopes every month too… and then she gets sad and miss the garbage in her confusion…
    I’m sorry you have a baby fever and no “positive answer”.
    I’m doing a novena to St Joseph, I’ll add you on my list.

    1. Rae Post author

      I love this. Seriously, I don’t usually laugh at things written online, but the image of a woman so distressed that she misses the garbage each month was quite hilarious to me (I guess I have no compassion?)

      Thank you for your prayers. Baby fever is actually rather low at the moment (which is good since I am currently without the resources to care for a child) but I would certainly love to get to the point where I could take care of a child. And sooner is better than later. :-)

  3. Mama Kalila

    *Hugs* I completely understand being at that point. Seeing tests everywhere, pg women, new babies… It can be rough. The last time I was like that wasn’t all that long ago lol. I think we went through it for about 6 months or so before we could start ttc or felt we could.

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