A Beautiful Day in the Pain Neighborhood

The weather was amazing today. For me the weather is much more than a trite topic. After a long winter (does winter always seem long?) I feel as if I need years of sun to make up for the short, cold days endured. Today was bright and warm. I wanted nothing more than to run outside.

Instead I settled for the sun which came through the open window as I lay on the floor curled around my heating pad.

Today was a beautiful day, but it was a beautiful day which served simply to remind me that I am not living fully. Chronic pain is only so useful. Mine seems particularly meaningless. It is not meaningless in the “oh, how tragic!” sense. It is meaningless in the sense that I make little use of it. Perhaps if the pain were more significant it could be meaningful for me. But as it is, the pain is simply pain. I am tired of it, and I get nothing out of it. I know about working with pain to bring one closer to God. But at this point the pain seems so mundane. I am accustomed to it so it does not have a sharp, purifying effect. It simply is. And it simply makes me shuffle through my days with little purpose other than avoiding more pain.

My goal is to get healthier so that I will have the strength to dive into more pain if necessary. I want to be just enough better so that I can force myself to go for a jog on days like today. Yes, it will hurt more at first, but such pain is necessary for recovery.

I want to live fully. I want to have the strength to work through the pain to run to health. I want to be unreservedly thankful for beautiful days. I don’t want to keep lying on the floor wishing that I could really live the day I see.

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6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day in the Pain Neighborhood

  1. Kathleen

    This reminds me of Paul’s thorn in his side. God’s power is greatest in your weakness! I don’t think anything needs to be meaningless with God.

  2. Elizabeth

    I’m sorry that you are having to deal with chronic pain. I have had to do that over years and it wasn’t pretty. I pray you can push through this and have an enjoyable life. Hang in there!!


  3. healthybecause

    Hi there. I’m so sorry to hear you had a rough weekend…My parents have had chronic pain over the years, and so I know how devastating it can be, from a loved-one’s perspective. I appreciate your honesty in saying that the pain simply is–that it feels mundane for you. But I think it definitely is purposeful, whether fierce or steady. You can be a great encouragement to others spiritually and practically by your attitude, your honesty, and your faith. I pray God blankets you with his grace and comfort, even if it’s only comfort and peace of the soul right now. I pray for physical comfort too!! You mentioned recovery… Do you mind me asking what the pain is from?

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  5. Rae Post author

    Kathleen, I completely agree that it does not need to be meaningless with God. Thanks for the reminder!

    Elizabeth, I am sorry that you have had to deal with pain. Thank you for the encouragement.

    Healthybecause, Thank you for the reminder and prayer! The pain is from endometriosis. I have had surgery in the past and it actually seems to be getting better these days. I am thankful that I am only in pain for a few days a month rather than constantly!

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