Blogging Truth

If you write a post many of your readers will assume that you are obsessed with the topic. After all, they would never bother taking the time to write a post unless something was burning through their brains and blazing out of their fingers.

If you use social media to toss out casual complaints about your life, people will remember you as a complainer who is never satisfied. Things you do not remember years later will be the first thoughts that come to another’s mind upon seeing your avatar.

If you flippantly take a strong personal position in a comment section, people will likely have it in the back of their minds years later when you post about your new reality which just so happens to be precisely what you previously argued so strongly against.

If you put the word “blogging” in a title of the post, and then mention social media more broadly, your readers will know you truly have nothing to say.

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5 thoughts on “Blogging Truth

  1. Rebecca

    Ah the internet where it is all out there, except not really, but you will be judged by it regardless :).

    (Please tell me this is the first of more posts to come…. ;).)

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