Busy Being Not-Busy


I think that it is time for me to follow her example and get to work! I will be back in a week. May those of you who celebrate the Paschal Mystery have a truly blessed week.

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6 thoughts on “Busy Being Not-Busy

    1. Rae Post author

      I think that it is a mystery even to those of us who do participate! “Paschal Mystery” was actually just my attempt at being concise rather than saying something like “Road to Jerusalem, Suffering, Death, Resurrection etc”. I meant to encompass all of Holy Week and Easter and forgot that it is probably not a commonly used term. I make fun of my husband all the time for forgetting what is and is not “insider lingo”! Sorry!

  1. Elizabeth

    Hi, Rae!
    I’m sorry that it’s taken me a week to visit you and answer your question…My church celebrates Easter this week, which I think is before the orthodox celebration…? Am I wrong or right? Anyway, I love this lovely sculpture that you have shared on this post. It is peaceful and contemplative. I need to follow her example…

    I hope you have a truly wonderful Easter celebration. Hope it uplifts you for a long time to come!


    1. Rae Post author

      Thanks for the info on your church. I think that you are right and most Orthodox celebrate in a week?

      I am having a wonderful Easter celebration (we celebrate until Pentecost). I hope that yours is beautiful as well!

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