Country Music

I need you to tell me… honestly… is this in any way country music?

Because, if so, I must admit to liking some country music. And what a day that would be! So it must be something else… blues, maybe? Someone please tell me all about the difference between blues and country!

And then tell me all about the sorts of music that you not only dislike, but dislike on principle.

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8 thoughts on “Country Music

  1. Kathleen

    Country & blues have a lot of overlap, and Bonnie Raitt is a crossover artist anyway. But I do like about half of country music. The “America or DIE” stuff gets on my nerves, but there were several artists I really enjoy/ed in the past few years. Half of Faith Hill, half of the Dixie Chicks, half of Toby Keith (before he turned into an America or Die guy)…there’s something to like in almost every genre, I think. :)

  2. Tara Meghan

    Yeah, Toby Keith used to be fun – now he’s just scary!

    I’m not a “Coal Miner’s Daughter”, but I come from a historically coal-mining town, so I guess liking most country music was pretty much inevitable. And now that Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish (my favorite still-living male singer) has joined the ranks of country artists, my life is pretty much complete.

    This, however, sounds a lot more like jazz-blues than country-blues.

  3. Trena

    This is more blues jazz then country. Love Norah!

    I used to hate country music with a passion. But then when I was pregnant with Mary Rene I started craving it (not food, music!) And now that’s all I listen to, besides JOY FM (Christian radio) and Christmas music.

  4. Dawn Farias

    I come from country music but I stopped listening when they began re-mixing it back when Billy Ray Cyrus was doing Achy Breaky Heart. I like country music from the 80s and before and anything that sounds like it. I also like that Darius Rucker has entered the scene. I don’t like the country music that’s too twangy and sounds like it’s trying too hard to sound country. I agree with what Kathleen said, too.

  5. Craig

    Well it’s sad, and it is about “dancin’ with my baby”, and Tennessee. So the words are all country. But that slidy thing she does to the guitar is not a “slide guitar” – and the drummer playing with a brush – nope sounds all pretty blue-sy to me. I don’t think you have to admit to liking country just yet Rae.

  6. Christine

    I think it’s more blue-sy than country. I define country as something that they would play during the Calgary Stampede. :P

    I dislike rap music on principle. I dislike how degrading they are of women (usually, anyways.)

  7. Burke Ingraffia

    Blues is a form, or variants of a form, that is based on the chord structure I IV V (or I ii IV). It is a simple form with cadences and movement that are predictable and easily felt by most people, including children. Since the form is so simple, it is not the complexity of notes that gives a particular blues song its unique character, but it is the emotion that is put behind it all that tends to give each song its character.

    Different genres use the blues form – country, jazz, pop, etc – but add different types of instrumentation to produce a genre-specific sound.

    There is also a genre called “blues” which has its roots in the Mississippi Delta region and usually is played with at least one electric guitar and/or harmonica. This music generally has a first lyrical line that is repeated in the second line of the verse. Historians attribute this to the “call and response” of the music that naturally flowed out of the farming fields of the deep south. It is this genre that is said to be the predecessor to Rock and Roll.

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