Time to check some things off the 101 in 1001 list!

3. Hike Mt. Washington

7. Procure curtains for bedroom

Mount Washington has been hiked and curtains procured. The picture to the left is not mine1 as I accidentally left my camera in my sister’s backpack after hiking together.

I am still aching today (Tuesday) after hiking on Sunday. But it was oh-so-very worth it. I am thankful to have a body healthy enough to hike mountains, even if it is not fit enough to do so without pain!

And if my legs were not already aching I’d be kicking myself for not getting curtains sooner. At this stage in life everything feels very temporary and money really need to be directed toward debt, so things like ugly blinds get ignored. But I have lived in this apartment for almost a year and it looks as if we may be here for another year. And the price of curtains? Well, it is amazing how inexpensive things can be if one is willing to settle for “cute” rather than “perfect.”

The curtains also served as a great start to my goal of making the bedroom livable rather than merely sleepable. I would love suggestions for that project. I am open to a broad range of ideas… so long as they are inexpensive!

1. All pictures on my blog are mine unless otherwise noted. If you ever want to know, just click on a photo. It will link to the source if there is one other than me!

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