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We moved to Louisiana in February, and although I’ve spent most of this spring (February in Louisiana is totally spring, I don’t care what they say!), summer, and now summer part II (autumn? A joke) in a daze. Being in a new place forces me to see things I wouldn’t otherwise notice.

Like lizards.


Josh notices blue jays. He really sees them. I don’t. I grew up with lots and lots of blue jays, and while I noticed them as a child, eventually I stopped seeing them.

But now the tables are turned, and I see lizards. Josh thinks they are normal. I think they are incredibly ridiculous, especially climbing on windows. Josh’s sisters told me that as children they would put lizards up to their ears, to bite their ears… so that they would have lizard earrings. Now that is something I wish that I had been around to see!

.  .  .

I think that yesterday someone on Twitter suggested that I just think about myself. I’m not really sure if that is exactly what she said, because after verifying that she was randomly lashing out with no context, I muted her account. But I thought about it a little, and realized that it is blessedly true.

I don’t think of myself as having many friends, but somehow there are so many wonderful people who have entered my life so profoundly that their pain is mine, and that shows even to random thoughtless people on Twitter who apparently really need a nap.

If that isn’t the fullest grace of friendship, I don’t know what is.

.  .  .

Back to delightful things about living in The South, legal fees appear ridiculously cheap.

I told Josh that it is now or never if we are to get divorced since I hate to pass up a good deal.

It is, I suppose, an incredible gift to be able to joke about divorce. I know that my eyebrow would go up at someone else seeming so focused on it.

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