Considering My Environment: Drying Hair

I have not been online much for the past few weeks. I wish that I could say that was due to the fact that I was abstaining from wasting electricity. Alas, the explanation is far more mundane and, well, less virtuous. It involves sickness and business and the usual. But, while I have not been posting (or reading or commenting) I have been tracking my environmental sins. And they are numerous.


My hair dryer is essential to both my good looks and my happiness. See how happy it makes me?

First for consideration is a completely unnecessary use of a hair dryer. I can (almost) understand if one really cares about one’s hair and finds blow drying it essential to achieving a much-loved style. But I do not tend to care much about my hair. It is unruly, to be sure, but control depends far more upon the styling products used (and style desired) than the way it dries. And, let’s be honest, I really do not pay much attention to controlling my hair most days.

So, why do I resort to wasting electricity rather than letting my hair dry naturally? I am lazy.

I do not like getting up early enough to allow my hair to dry naturally before it is time to leave for work. I am disinclined to interrupt my evening in order to shower and still have enough time for my hair to dry before work.

So, my hair dries naturally a few days a week, but most days find me grabbing that most truly unnecessary electromechanical device as I finish my morning routine.

I did not think much about hairdryers prior to this month’s environmental reflection. Oh, sure, I thought about how bad they are in terms of frying hair, but not their utterly unjustified wastefulness.

So Crazy to Kill One's Hair and the Environment

Now that I have reflected on the issue, I must chastise myself. ::tisk tisk:: eh?

Chastisement done, it is time for improvement. This stinks because it is so simple. There are no elaborate requirements for change that I can translate into excuses to continue my bad habits. I simply have to either get up earlier or else schedule a shower into my early evening. ::sigh::

Why is it so hard to change when it is only such a small change?

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3 thoughts on “Considering My Environment: Drying Hair

  1. Christine

    I don’t usually blow dry my hair because it’s fairly short and I live in such a dry climate. I imagine that if I did blow dry my hair more often, it would be difficult to give up as then it takes so much longer to dry, especially if it were freezing outside.

    How unruly does your hair come out if you go to sleep with it damp in a ponytail or something?

  2. Christy

    It’s so funny to me – I don’t worry about if I show up at work with my hair still wet. It’s long and thick, so IF I dry it, it’s about half an hour with a hairdryer to get it there. I’ve decided they love me as I am!

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