I am thankful 1/6/13

For my heating pad! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Whoops, I’ve said exactly that before!  I’m pretty sure that if I had a tag cloud that my heating pad would be the largest word(s). So blogworthy, I’m telling you!

For those of you who have failed to read my every post, Josh gave me my amazing heating pad as an early Christmas gift the first year we were married (celebrating 5 years of heating pad love, baby!) and I used it pretty much every day until I lost it. Why yes, I do write the most captivating posts, thanks for realizing it!

For the existence of Christmas trees. We got a Christmas tree for the first time this year. In the past we have either not been able to afford one, or not been able to justify it to ourselves. But we got one this year, and it is simply wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that I’ve declared that we will keep it up for the entire Christmas season rather than taking it down today as planned. And you probably thought that people who celebrated Christmas until Epiphany were bad! Speaking of which…

For Epiphany. Today has to be one of the most under-appreciated awesome liturgical days of the year. Or perhaps I just have a special attachment to it because I like stars and light.

For Josh’s longstinkingsuffering. Six years ago on Epiphany I called him up and said that we could get engaged. Yes, called. Yes, said we could “get engaged” rather than actually promising that I would marry him. Yes, I am a jerk. Yes, I “am” rather than “was” because with such great results, do you think that I’ve switched tactics?

For tea. Specifically mint tea. So incredibly comforting.

For my sisters. You know how I said that I needed to get my hair fixed? Well one of my sisters who hasn’t even seen my dreadful hair (aside from perhaps a few pictures?) sent me a Groupon for a cut, color, and conditioning treatment. I had not figured out how I was actually going to take care of the situation without dying of horror at the potential cost, so once again a sister saved my life. Or at least the day.


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3 thoughts on “I am thankful 1/6/13

  1. Catholic Mutt

    My tree is still up, too. I usually take it down at Epiphany, but I may hold out for the whole Christmas season this year, too. I’m not quite ready to let it go!

  2. waywardson

    Awesome. You’ve given me a liturgically correct reason to keep my Christmas tree up until next week as opposed to the actual reason of simply not bothering to take it down.

  3. Rebecca

    We got our first live Christmas tree this year (we had a fake one until 2 years ago, when at the end of Christmas I declared it “dead” and not worth shoving back into the box only to pull out and find it unusable, so that meant last year on Dec. 23 I said “Oh sh*t, we don’t have a tree” fretted about it for an hour, drank a glass of wine and then decided we’d survive without a tree. This year, The Man declared we’d have a tree, and a live one. I was not. at. all. excited about going to the tree lot to pick a tree. Seriously one of the best surprises ever was coming home from a weekend of work to a tree, nicely shaped, reasonably sized, in my sun porch window with lights on it :). Yes, Christmas trees are fabulous and never again will I deem one unnecessary. (And yes, ours will be up until next Sunday afternoon :)).

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