I am thankful 1/10/2010

For my husband’s proclivity for cheer. I thanked him for being strong and remaining active and happy despite circumstances that I found debilitating. His response? “It is difficult to be depressed for more than a day or two. ” Oh thank you God for the great help of someone who thinks that depression requires too much work. If only he knew. No, may he never know. Thank you.

For an interviewer who says too much. I do not know whether she is just new to her job, or wanted to help me, but she gave me details about how the company works, including their most successful competition from whom they are trying to take clients. Now I know where to send my resume next. She also gave valuable information about my competition for such positions. The fact that this company apparently has little work and attracts poor quality candidates did not discourage me, it provided valuable information for the next step in my job hunt.

For Adoration within walking distance. I previously complained that local Adoration happens only once a week. But it is at least for an entire day and I can walk there multiple times.

For candles. My sister-in-law gave me candles for Christmas, and they are simply delightful in a dark and cold apartment.

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