January Deeds, February Theme

The theme of my January goals was: Me, me, meeeeee! The theme of the lived reality was: Whatever, I’ll take what I can get! 

One problem was that multiple goals were intended to be fulfilled in the second “half” of the month. Even though my theme was meeeeee, my life happens to involve others. Josh was very busy with work for the first week of the half that I intended to involve him with goals, sick the second week, and then busy catching up from being sick for the last bit of the month.

Walk 100 miles. Try 65.

Go to a museum. With Josh. Or not.

Fix my hair. Literally. I would not call it “fixed” but I did sit for over four hours at a boutique hair salon and got my hair colored, conditioned, and cut. I ultimately concluded that they were looking more for a fast inflow of cash rather than to build up their customer base. At least the fact that my hair ended up being uneven made me feel better about the times that I have messed up Josh’s hair with home cuts. I’m giving myself total credit for trying with this one.

Post daily. Technically achieved. I posted here and at vitacatholic.com. The total is more than 31 posts, but an obsessive sort of person might complain that there is one day that appears to be missing a post. That, my friends, is because I posted and then later removed the post. Totally allowed according to what the goal actually required!

Automate finances for the year. Ha. Ha. Not only was Josh not available to take part in this project, it turned out that my pay was incorrectly entered (or not entered!) twice. I once heard about a somewhat archaic financial rule that I think still holds significant truth: it is generally helpful to have the income aspect of automated income correctly established before one automates the expense side.

Write two letters. Ahhhhh, no. I did, however, do much better at replying to texts. That totally counts, right?

Meet with spiritual director. Nope. Well, pulling technicalities again, Josh and I did meet with him together for lunch. And he is supposed to text me when he has time in his schedule. So that is good.

.  .  .

February’s theme is money, money, money. So that’s boring, right? I do have concrete goals, but they range from personal (adjusting giving) to downright boring (taxessss!) so I think I’ll probably wait for March to post goalish things.


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