January Goals

January’s theme? Me, me, meeeeee! Or–more pretentiously–save myself, then save the world. 

Walk 100 miles. Or run. Mostly don’t get hurt. 

Go to a museum. With Josh.

Fix my hair. Literally. My natural color is light brown (very dark blonde at the end of the summer). Right before Thanksgiving I decided to take advantage of the fact that I wasn’t working and experiment with a dark color I knew wouldn’t look good but would be fun. Well, now it is time for the fun to be over, and I might just need to shell out real $$ for my hair for the first time in my life.

Post daily. Yes, this is your warning to unsubscribe. But it might not be too bad if I decide to spread the “daily” out over multiple blogs.

Automate finances for the year. We did this last year just for giving, and it was perfect. We ended up giving much more than we would have otherwise since it was sort of like another payroll tax. Only consistent with our goals and not randomly determined by the government in an illogical fashion. I happen to like playing with money and constantly checking Mint. Josh would rather never think about it though, so automation it is!

Write two letters. You know, the sort that require a stamp.

Meet with spiritual director and become a Saint. Or at least do what I am told.

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9 thoughts on “January Goals

  1. Rebecca

    “mostly don’t get hurt” that is also my plan for January!

    Posting daily?!? yay!!!

    I like the dark hair :). Tho I can relate to wanting to go back to “normal” as my hair was getting a little too close to blonde at one point.

    Spiritual direction? yay! (prayers that you got a good one!!!)

  2. Catholic Mutt

    Mostly don’t get hurt is a good plan! Nagging injuries are annoying!

    Post daily is definitely an ambitious one, but I like it.

  3. Adri

    I like your “write two letters” goal. Sounds fun! As I was writing my thank-you’s for recent Christmas gifts, I thought about how rare it is to get a hand written letter in the mail. Receiving one is a treat. Maybe that is just me though, most of my mail is junk mail these days so anything legit catches my eye.

    Best of luck with your other goals. :-)

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