Do you judge others for missing blessings?

babyMe: You know those Rad Trads who say that NFP users are sinning for avoiding conception rather than having as many babies as possible? Well I just realized that they must really hate babies–or maybe children in general. Why else would they think that children are such burdens to be forced on others who they imagine do not want children for frivolous reasons?

Josh: It could be that they hate children. Or it could be that they resent their own situation and seek to justify it to themselves by trying to force it on others who are not called to the same.

Can you think of any reasons that we’re missing? I am not sure that my pity for those who judge is any better than their judgment of others, so please share if you see something that I do not!

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3 thoughts on “Do you judge others for missing blessings?

  1. Trena

    My husband would say the same thing as your husband. In any situation where someone is ridiculing us because of our religion, NFP use, etc., Frank always says, “we have something they want and they are just jealous.” So no, I don’t know any other reason either!

  2. Sarah

    I’m not sure why people would assume to know what people’s reasons are for having/not having a large family, but I guess it’s all pretty absurd. I mean, if they see a Catholic couple with 1 or 2 or even 3 kids; they might ASSume that it’s because of selfish-ness or whatever on the part of the couple, when in reality it could be health issues, fertility problems, or any other number of things. I guess it’s pretty dangerous in general to judge people who are trying to do the best they can to follow the moral law by using NFP in the first place. That’s my 2 cents.

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