June Environment Observation

After thinking a lot about my last post I decided to post daily in June. My plan is to consider my day and to note each thing in my immediate environment which I could change in order to have a better (less negative) impact on the environment as a whole. This might turn into a broader project, but for now I plan to limit it to the obvious physical things.

For example: yesterday I bought veggie burgers. This is normal for me, but it probably should not be. The veggie burgers are individually wrapped in plastic, then in a cardboard box. They are shipped from who knows where in who knows what quantity.

I am perfectly able to make my own. I can buy local produce (well as soon as there is some in MA!) and use the very large bags of rice and legumes already in my pantry. It probably won’t save energy in the cooking process, but the packaging of the ingredients is very little compared to the boxed veggie burgers.

So, in June I am going to try to notice these things every day. I know myself well enough to know that awareness is half the battle. Hopefully I won’t have to have 30 posts telling me of my sins before I start fixing a few little things.

This should be at least a little painful, so please don’t hesitate to add to the pain with comments. I want all the suggestions I can get!

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