Lentil Sprouts

Guess what is coming back into my life…

That’s right, the wonderful (cheap) goodness known as lentil sprouts.

Dried lentils + lots of fresh water + about four days = I dare you to eat this and try to be unhealthy.

Okay, okay. So they’ve never actually made me healthy. But I’ve also only eaten lots of lentil sprouts at times when I couldn’t afford things like vitamins and green leafy vegetables. And Josh is convinced that they are a secret weight-loss food. Which kind of makes sense when you read the nutrition stats and feel how full you, well feel after half a glass of them.

So here’s to Lent lentil sprouts. I dare you to try them.

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7 thoughts on “Lentil Sprouts

    1. Rae Post author

      My friend, it is called “Lent” for a reason.

      Actually, I don’t think this has anything to do with “spring” or whatever etymology has to say about Lent… but penance, penance my friend is the answer to any of your questions about lentil sprouts.

  1. Kristy

    I’ve been so curious about lentil sprouts since I first saw you mention them. Cheap + healthy is very appealing. :)

    I may have lentils in the pantry. I’ll let you know how I feel about them.

    1. Rae Post author

      I would love to know how you feel about them! I still don’t actually enjoy lentil sprouts, but I like cooked lentils and Josh has somehow learned to like them raw.

  2. Jackie

    I tried quinoa sprouts last week but sprout they did not. I think my apartment is too cold? It said “room temperature water” but the room temperature is 64. Any advice?

  3. Matthew

    funny, i was looking for pictures of sprouted lentils on Google and your picture was among them which led me you your site only to see its a catholic blog, which i am and like to find blogs of.

    I have been sprouting lentils for years on and off and have found that eating them has multiple benefits.
    1. weight loss
    2. fiber, (ties in with weight loss)
    3. euphoria (eating raw food makes me feel euphoric, i think b/c of the enzymes that only sprouts have)
    4. convenience (blending, drinking, them rinsing out blender takes five minutes)

    your problem is that you are eating them, yuck! I love having them in me but i hate getting them into me, so I drink them. Thats where the blender comes in. I fill mine (i am a 6’3” man, you would want less) with 3 cups of sprouted lentils, 1/4 cup lemon juice, sometimes 4 tablespoons raw ginger, and 5 cups of water.
    I chug it. There is usually foam on the top that i skim off.

    I have lost tons of weight on this, because in this one sitting (which i do everyday) i consume two days worth of recommended fiber. The ave American doesn’t even consume one days worth during an entire day. It takes a few days initially of doing it before your not hungry, guess it has to build up in your system.
    By the way i don’t know if you need to loose any weight, I’m just saying that its what i do with lentils.

    Fiber usually gives people gas but sprouting doesn’t , at least for me. I have heard that its because legumes are easier to digest sprouted than cooked, that complex starches are broken down by sprouting.

    you should give drinking them a shot!

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