How has NFP worked for you? -Part VI

Trena’s Answer

Four months before we were married, my husband and I attended a seminar on Natural Family Planning because it was required by our church. We knew, even before attending the seminar, that we would use NFP since it was one of the church teachings. Although we had little knowledge of how it worked, we knew it was the right thing to do. The seminar was amazing and we learned more about the female body then either of us had learned throughout our schooling. We were fascinated by the facts of the reproductive system and how God designed a woman’s body in such a perfect way.

For us, NFP has been more than learning how the female body works. We had no idea how much using NFP would strengthen our marriage. NFP made us talk about sex and have intimate conversations, that we may not have had if we used birth control. Sex no longer was sex but it was making love; what it should be. When we planned to avoid pregnancy, we discussed the consequences of making love on that particular day and if we were both ready to become parents. We had a burning desire to be parents but at the time we didn’t feel it was right. So we practiced SPICE during that time and were able to reconnect on a spiritual level.

When we decided we were ready to become parents, we knew, thanks to our chart, when we could achieve such an amazing goal. I remember looking at my chart every night, comparing it to the last several months and knowing, in just a few days, it would be here.

We were successful at achieving pregnancy our first month, with both pregnancies. We thank NFP for that.

You can read more of Trena’s experience with NFP (including the most hilarious NFP story I have ever read) at her blogThe Third Prayer.

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