How has NFP worked for you? -Part VIII

Kathleen’s Answer

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Am I a counter-cultural because I use NFP, or did I choose to use NFP because I am wired to be counter-cultural? Probably it’s a little of both. But I do know this: NFP colors my view of the world. In all things, not just in matters of family planning, I approach the world with an eye toward working with what is natural instead of trying to manipulate it, a practice that does more harm than good for all involved. And although I value this about myself, I must also admit that it lays me open to frustration. I rage against the culture because I feel powerless to change it—helpless in the face of consumerism and dissociation from nature; helpless in the face of the deliberate, closed-minded obstinacy that pops up any time someone dares to suggest that NFP is good for everyone, not just super-Catholics.

You can read more about Kathleen’s experience with NFP at her blog So Much to Say, So Little Time.

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