Saint Nicholas

Tomorrow is the 5th Feast of Saint Nicholas that Josh and I (will) have spent together.

Hoping for a Hipster Saint Nick who appreciates irony?

It is the second one that we will celebrate. It seems that I am the one who decides whether we celebrate random days, and apparently I only bother with Saint Nick’s when we have siblings living with us.

I did not have anything planned for this year (hence the lack of stockings) but when my sisters randomly said they had an early Christmas gift for Josh, I ran to get a shoe.

The fillings aren’t exactly traditional. But they are awesome, because I just made up a rule. When you get a cookie cutter in your stocking shoe, you get dibs on all cookies made in that shape. How awesome is that?

I sort of feel guilty for stealing this day from people like Joy who grew up with it for real, but what can I say? Random Saint-day stealing isn’t really stealing if it isn’t even recognizable when you are done with it. ;-)

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2 thoughts on “Saint Nicholas

  1. Joy

    No worries, and Lisbeth would approve of your cookie cutter policy ~ she was very interested in getting to eat the Thanksgiving cookies that she cut out and decorated!

  2. Michelle

    My first thought was, “Wow, that’s a HIGH heel!” I haven’t been feeling well all week so my husband, Nick, stopped off for “mixed treats” to fill the shoes but the bag was just different sizes and shapes of tootsie rolls, not a favorite in this house. Oh well, we tried, and gave little Nick $5 for his “name day”. We’ve always used shoes, is it supposed to be stockings/socks? And your “fillings” look good to me… I had to throw in a few loose random coins (mostly pennies) to make up for the lack of good goodies.

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