Simplified and No Stress

I just realized that all that simplifying must have worked. In 38 hours I need to have the contents of our apartment packed into our car. I have not started yet and I am not worried about it.

Suddenly I suspect that I will be able to maintain my standards of acquiring only the basics. Maybe my ideals for the environment and giving to those in need aren’t strong enough to keep me on track, but there will always be laziness. And right now owning less is looking really, really good.

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3 thoughts on “Simplified and No Stress

  1. Erin

    Good luck with the move! My husband (the anti-unclutterer) had a light-bulb moment when we were packing and said that moving is a lot easier now (than it was 5 years ago for us) since I’ve gone on an anti-clutter/organizing rampage :)

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