Target Miracles

Two months ago I gave Josh a list of perhaps 15 items to get at Target. I’m not really sure how many items because as he headed out the door I kept telling him things that I’d forgotten to put on the list. Like coffee. I haven’t been a coffee drinker in years, but I intend to remedy that shortly! Ehem.

Anyway, Josh texted me about 15 minutes after he arrived to confirm what brand I wanted for something or other. And then texted just moments later that he had found the item and was checking out.

I know that Josh can be much more efficient than me, but this was an unorganized list of items that required one to traverse the entire store. I have Target memorized, thanks to the fact that the layout matches the one I used to visit daily. Yet apparently Josh is still a zillion times faster.

This may be a case where hating something makes you better at it. In any case, I clearly need to up my shopping game. While I can go to the store without overspending money, time is a different story.

I trust that I’m not the only one who requires an hour to buy 15 items from Target. You know someone else like me, right?

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