I am thankful 6/27/2010

For an apartment. After almost two months of visiting friends and family and hotel-hopping with Priceline, we finally found a place. And I am so thankful!

For not-a-lot of stuff. “Moving” meant unloading the car, and a leisurely hour of carrying in boxes and bags was about as much work as I felt like doing on a Sunday.

For a crazy patient husband. I know that I am constantly thankful for some version of this, but it is worth repeating. Even I was getting tired of spending so much time in the car or hotel room with me, and Josh was still totally chill.

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4 thoughts on “I am thankful 6/27/2010

  1. alisone

    you can never say the third one enough! i think i said something along the same lines the other day too…”how are you not sick of you yet?? I’M sick of me!”

  2. Dawn by Design

    As I go through my days, I find myself making a What I’m Thankful For list. I never remember to write them down but I always remember to think of your series when I come up with them.

    Congrats on an apartment.

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