I am thankful 8/8/2010

For happiness. I know that it is fleeting. I know that you cannot depend on it, much less shape your life around it. But I still like it and am thankful for it.

For shoes. I am not a “shoe” person. I do not own that many pairs. But I do have a high appreciation for the functionality of the shoe. And I really would not want to have to walk on hot pavement without them.

For Anna Karenina. Even though I have only gotten through the first page of the book with blog posts I have really enjoyed what I have read so far (though I am closer to 1/8th of the way through the book than 1/4th). I love Tolstoy. I don’t care if I would have hated him in person or passionately disagreed with many of his ideas. I love his writing.

For  blueberries. I had to check back to make sure I haven’t said this before, but I am so thankful for blueberries. My mother apparently ate a quart the night before she went into labor with me, and clearly that made an impact.

For childhood friends. They are the best. Enough said. Or maybe not, but Anna Karenina does mention the subject so maybe it will get its own post.

For watermelon. I don’t actually care about it, but it makes Josh so ridiculously happy. And then he leaves the blueberries to me.

For you. Especially those of you who comment and encourage me with my gratitude lists. :-)

I have previously thought about encouraging others to write thankful lists of their own (I mean c’mon, lots of you write lists of random things every Friday!) but decided not to for one reason or another. Well, I am breaking that today since I am once again pushing Real Zest. I know, I know, deal with it.

Please consider posting a list of 7 things you are thankful for on your blog, linking to it on Real Zest and you could win a $100 gift card for Zappos! And if you’re feeling nice you could comment to let me know that you did so. I won’t give you anything for it except the knowledge that you made me feel all warm and cuddly. But not fuzzy. Because who really wants to feel fuzzy unless you’re a guy who doesn’t like shaving?

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7 thoughts on “I am thankful 8/8/2010

  1. alison

    So you know what? I actually decided that I wanted to do something like this a while back to help comment the whiny-ness I feel like I’ve been emitting lately, but then I didn’t want to copy you! (I had also seen it elsewhere as “Days of Grace” but didn’t like that name as much.) So I thank you for writing this post inviting other to copy you! Now I don’t feel so bad :P

  2. Katie

    You have a beautiful perspective. What a joyful list!

    Also, there must be something to Tolstoy! I went to the library to place a hold, since all of their copies were out back in…June? I am fourth in line for a copy! I might cave and buy it instead. ;-)

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