I am thankful 10/3/2010

For autumn. I’ve never liked fall. It is extremely depressing: grey, short days, cold with no snow to provide a fun reason to bundle up and go outside, and grey. Did I mention that it is grey? People always talk about the brilliant autumn colors, but I happen to know that they only last for about two weeks before the grey takes over.

Anyway, I never liked autumn, but I am starting to appreciate it. The feeling of slow, impending death is a helpful reminder that we are indeed beings toward death. This is simply a part of the reality of life. So I am thankful for the sadness of autumn as it is a constant subtle reminder that my life is short and slipping away. And yes, that really is helpful to remember every once in a while.

For free museums. Have I mentioned how much I love this aspect of DC? Real locals don’t appreciate it as the museums are for the tourists, but so far no one has asked for ID to prove that I don’t live around here, so I’ve been able to enjoy the museums right along with the tourists. And I love it!

For money to buy all the food I want. You have no idea how wonderful it is to be able to think of food that I want and then get it without even stopping to consider whether there is money to cover it. Food makes me happy. Especially onions on sale, for some reason.

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8 thoughts on “I am thankful 10/3/2010

  1. Joy

    Great list!

    Love autumn, and whenever we had people came to visit I always was the one to volunteer to take them into DC and do the museums.

    Affording food, such a good reminder of the things you start to take for granted!!

  2. Melody

    I am weird because I am thankful for bare tree branches in winter; I like their minimalist elegance. Of course I wouldn’t want them to be that way forever; I am always ready for spring when it comes. The classic photographers such as Ansel Adams and Steiglitz have captured some lovely images of trees in winter.
    And yes, good reminder about being grateful for food; we take way too much for granted.

    1. Rae Post author

      You are right, the bare branches are beautiful, though I most appreciate them when they are covered with ice and the sun makes them glisten.

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