I am thankful

For shoes and a warm, safe place to sleep.

For my sister, who reminds me of how much I need to give thanks. When I asked her what I am thankful for she told me to go outside with no shoes on. :-)

For winter walks… with Josh. It is possible that my level of happiness in life is directly correlated to the number of minutes we spend walking together each week. For the past few months that has been an average of, oh, maybe 0. But this past week Josh went for a walk with me three times, even though Josh was sick and it was suddenly actually cold here.

For snow! It snowed twice, and while it was kind of a joke, it was still a lovely joke while it lasted.

For not getting sick? I’m not entirely certain how to feel about this, but everyone else got sick this past week and so far my symptoms (mild stomach age, headache) were really too mind to be worth mentioning at all. I think that is my first time that I did not get sick when others did. Well, other than the past two winters when I go the flu shot rather than the flu which Josh got both years. Still!

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3 thoughts on “I am thankful

  1. Rebecca

    I went for a run in the snow today, it really was quite awesome! A walk with The Man would’ve been nice too, but after 8 miles running, I was ready to curl up on the couch :).

    Yes, shoes and a warm place to sleep – we truly do have more than we need, don’t we?

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