I am thankful 2/21/2010

For socks. Well-made socks are one of life’s best comforts.

For relatively pain-free days. It only takes a little pain to remind me of how very blessed I am most of the time.

For liturgical seasons. There is something incredibly helpful about joining in with others in prolonged times of penance, celebration, or simply living. This is especially true when it happens to be a time that does not correspond to my current state. “Weep, though you do not feel sorrowful” is just as solid advice as “smile, though your heart is breaking.”

For kind in-laws. I am quite confident that I am not the type of woman they would have picked for their son/brother. Yet they have responded not only with accommodation of my foibles, but generosity and love.

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7 thoughts on “I am thankful 2/21/2010

  1. Angie

    Whew — I can definitely agree about the in-laws! My in-laws and I have never really had a good relationship, and it’s amazing how much of heartache that can cause.

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