Today I struggle to be thankful because my thoughts are clouded by guilt. It is the guilt of squandered privilege that distracts me from thanking God for my blessings. It is not simply that I have what others have not. The problem is that while I have resources to improve the lives of others, and with a few small exceptions, I have done nothing.

I do not believe that one should ruin one’s life by feeling guilty about one’s blessings. But I am glad to embrace this opportunity to change my direction and absorb just a bit of concern for others’ well-being.

And so I am thankful for the chance to grow and change and learn to see beyond myself, even if I have yet to do anything with what I have been given. I am thankful that I am not important enough to make my failure decisive. There is yet time to change, and I am willing to be patient while I adjust to being slightly less self-centered.

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3 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. CM

    “I am thankful that I am not important enough to make my failure decisive.” Well said! I’ve been beating myself up over some things, so I really needed that reminder. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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