Tired and Cryptic

I am so tired. How tired? So tired I thought of using the contraction “y’all” in this post. Yikes.

JentoInfinity says that I am cryptic. I tend to believe that that is a sign of having nothing to say. Of course there are always things going on in my life that I choose not to post about, but I generally choose to avoid them completely. I’m no expert in cryptography, so why dance with both Miss Communication and Mister Inappropriate? Er, I mean, why deliberately risk having to deal with people misunderstanding me while also risking that they might correctly guess details better left hidden?

Besides, cryptic posts remind me of Xanga. I was never on Myspace, but Xanga was fabulous for cryptic posts. I tended to read the sorts where everyone nodded in cool recognition of a mutual lack of understanding rather than the type where the person was waiting in agitation for someone to please try to guess their secrets.

Which brings me back to the thought that I am not deliberately cryptic here, I may just be vague because I have nothing to say.

I have plans. I love plans. I love very specific plans. But I know that I have oh-so-little control over them. And so I like to think about huge concepts, general themes, and other common threads of life that apply even–perhaps especially–when plans fall through.

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One thought on “Tired and Cryptic

  1. Rebecca

    I see nothing wrong with the contraction “y’all” ;).

    Sometimes I wish I was more “general” on my blog, I actually admire your ability to be more general than specific. And while I sometimes think you are being cryptic, usually I just say so in my comment (in a highly un-cryptic way of “I totally missed something here”) and you are kind enough to set me straight ;).

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