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A reader kindly inquired about whether I am certain that my post about thoughts on death and the pill was not just another example of my anti-pill egoistical self immolation. I told her that of course I cannot really be certain about such things, but regardless of the psychosis behind my thoughts in the night, my reason for posting such things is quite clear to me. Yet how can I explain my thinking when so many people have so little experience with the uber-anti-pill crowd?

I cannot show you the world in which I grew up. I cannot introduce you to my virgin friend who was afraid to take the pill for health reasons because she worried that she just might get raped, and then the pill would kill her baby.

But I can give you a few links, if only you will promise to not ask me why on earth I read such insanity (I have good reasons, I promise!). Promise? Okay, let me show you a whole new world!

Oh wait. Not that type of new world! Let’s try this again.

Check out this post, but mostly read the comments. These women are so incredibly confident that there is no good reason to ever take the pill, and that doing so is so dangerous that no woman could reasonably choose to take the risk. And sometimes reading such comments almost makes me wish I could return to the place where I was also that confident.

There is no way that I can convince these women, but at least I can put an alternate view out there. They expect me to be horrified at the idea of increasing my chances of death in ten or twenty years. I live in a world where when I am tired and confused and think I may die immediately it still does not occur to me to regret taking the pill.

And check out this post:

If you have no period, SOMETHING IS WRONG! If you think you have a period on the pill, think again. What you are experiencing is a withdraw from the drugs you have been taking the rest of the month. Are you really okay with just taking a pill instead of dealing with the issue at hand?

Hormone issues & acne – Read the fine print that comes with your beloved pill. You have got to be ridiculously stupid if you think that low doses of the pill is going to fix your hormonal problem!

Painful Periods-more then likely you have endometriosis. AND if you think that the pill is going to take away the lesions that invade your pelvis, think again. You will be a slave to the pill til the day you die. But a surgery that excises the endo will take away your pain.

That is kind of outrageous, right? But here’s the thing: when I read such posts I don’t automatically think “this is insane!” Instead I start tearing it apart analytically, as if it were somehow rational enough to be worth actual thought.

I don’t stress myself by reading too much of this stuff. But it is still a part of my world enough that I cannot escape it entirely.

And that is why I feel the need to post such random, rambling thoughts about the pill. Sometimes I just need to give Josh a break from listening to me talk about how no one actually cares about women’s health, or the preborn, or logic, or the Church’s teaching. And you, my dear blog, are the very best replacement for talking off Josh’s ear.

Aren’t you glad you don’t live in my world of crazy pill-fearing women who can’t comprehend a reality painful enough to justify the pill?

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Crazy Town

  1. Kelly @ Startup Wife

    Wow. That … was amazing and eye-opening. And I grew up in a pretty conservative (at least I thought … now I’m not so sure) Assemblies of God church where I think a lot of people disapproved of THE PILL.

    Wow. Mind blown for the day.

    Post about it all you want. :) We all need outlets to sort things out in our own minds. And I’m really, really glad for you you’re able to function a little better in the world thanks to modern medicine!

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